Friday, 27 May 2011

More Circus Stories
The Work: The Canvas Hangings

Set design model.
In addition to the backdrops we also made sixteen canvas paintings, to hang around the inside perimeter of the big top.

We wanted to keep a sketch-like quality to them, so they look like pages torn from a book.

 I embellished the canvases with hand-stitched embroidery and large 3-D objects.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tales from the circus
Two weeks on, and I am still struggling to adjust back to life in London after spending a month living in rural Gloucestershire working for Giffords Circus. My purpose there was working in the Art Department, making the sets and props for their now touring production of 'War and Peace'. However the experience included so much more; I was witness to the seemingly chaotic yet meticulously organised rehearsals and pre-production that goes into the show. The gathering of performers, musicians and creatives from all over Europe onto one site in the Cotswolds.

The Work: The Backdrops

After preparing six large wooden boards, I worked with artist Lydia Gifford to create beautiful and watery yet symbolic backdrops.

We wanted to create several painterly layers of different hues to give a water-colour effect.

We added applique and further detailing to incorporate some of the bolder elements of Russian set design.