Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Secret Cinema presents Prometheus

Just realised I never included anything about this...the Secret Cinema live film screening of Prometheus, which I worked on as an Assistant Set Dresser, June 2012.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

So I'm finally back in London and after a tough five weeks of hard work, sweat and a little blood (from an upholstery injury) the house is complete...so here are the finished results.


The kitchen with new flush LED down lights, T & G shelving and dresser now all painted has a much warmer feel.

Minimal decoupage detailing on the kitchen cupboards -  a nice touch for the children.

And the pine, horse head bench now painted a rich, muddy mahogany colour.

Elsewhere downstairs I sourced a free, and in almost perfect condition piano off freecycle, and had some shelving built around it.

Moving into the hallway I had this amazing Tom Dixon copper sphere light installed, which creates a magical pool of shimmering light on the floorboards.

 The master bedroom painted in a plaster pink and off white.
The welsh blanket headboard - made by myself and my friend Gemma; owner of the pop-up boutique Nothing But Navy 


And above another upholstery project of mine; an armchair which previously looked like this one on the left. 

I upholstered the chair in hessian, and here it is next to my favourite table; the fluro pink piece of art!

 And so the fantastic copper bath is finally in situ, in the luxurious dark green bathroom.

Keeping elements of rustic style; the artwork, mirror and beautiful reclaimed tiles, also go perfectly with the bath.

The upstairs landing; I painted with a distressed, faded dark grey to blue effect and finished with a gold trim. Luxurious and unusual.

And into the children's bedroom painted in vintage, playful colours.

My final piece of upholstery; a second armchair, next to a little desk which I covered with left overs of the bathroom wallpaper as seen further below...

So there it is, the finished farmhouse; a mixture of fun, bright, glamour, circus and vintage, all creating a warm and lovely home.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Well I'm three weeks in and unsurprisingly the work isn't finished yet. It's a massive learning curve for me, grasping some new DIY skills and having lots of fun experimenting. So anyway here's a few snapshots of the work so far (and definitely lots more when the house is complete!)

 A before and after photo of the kitchen with the new tongue and groove paneling and dresser in place. New LED down lights also mounted into the ceiling, just waiting for a paint job now...

An example of some crafty DIY skills; after the plumber made a large hole in the wall to install new taps, I screwed the pieces of plaster back to the wall and filled so is now unnoticeable! Bathroom now painted luxurious and very dark Studio Green. I love Farrow & Ball colours!

One of my favourites; neon pink table! Previously was a dark, varnished wood table, after lots of sanding and three coats of the pink it is now quite fluro!

And what I've been doing today; the horse and dog wall mural. The original artwork is by Nell Gifford, and you can see it on the wall paper below. I've painted it in the style of an old ink drawing, which hopefully comes across...I'm not totally certain with it, might do some more working into.

So a brief window on my life and work currently, look out for more updates.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


So I've landed my first job as an interior designer/stylist, working for the Giffords again. However this time it's not for the circus, it's for their house.

I started with some mood boards;

When I arrived on location however I realised it's best just to get stuck in and try things out! Watch this space...

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Photos of my finished set for Giffords Circus 'The Saturday Book' production.

As the tent is built up on our new site, the back boards are put into place
Then the tent walls and the canvas hangings go up.
Close up on canvas hangings

The lights go on...

And the show begins!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Design work for Giffords Circus 'The Saturday Book' continues...

Nell Stroud's illustrations turned into the design for the backdrops.

Our studio space...

...soon fills up with the scenery.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The work begins...

So I have been back at Folly Farm for two weeks now and have begun work on the set design for Giffords Circus summer production of the Saturday book. Here's a few images of the work so far...
To scale model of circus ring
Audience backdrop

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The circus is calling!

Has it almost been a year since working for Giffords circus...? Surprisingly yes. And with spring well on its way I can't wait to go back to Folly Farm to begin work on this year's show The Saturday Book

And we're looking for art department interns. Anyone interested get in touch at giffords2012@gmail.com