Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Photos of my finished set for Giffords Circus 'The Saturday Book' production.

As the tent is built up on our new site, the back boards are put into place
Then the tent walls and the canvas hangings go up.
Close up on canvas hangings

The lights go on...

And the show begins!


  1. I went to Giffords Circus for the first time last week and FELL IN LOVE with the incredible set design. I'm just blogging about it now, you are one talented lady!

    1. Ah thank you so much, is lovely to hear nice feedback! I have just tweeted Giffords your blog, it is such a lovely and fitting write up! I am glad you enjoyed the show, I love Giffords and really enjoy working with them!

    2. Yes the sets are stunning they create a fabulous earmarked intimate atmosphere its like sharing the show with some characters out of the book ! love it

    3. Meant to say fabulous warm intimate atmosphere