Thursday, 6 September 2012

So I'm finally back in London and after a tough five weeks of hard work, sweat and a little blood (from an upholstery injury) the house is here are the finished results.


The kitchen with new flush LED down lights, T & G shelving and dresser now all painted has a much warmer feel.

Minimal decoupage detailing on the kitchen cupboards -  a nice touch for the children.

And the pine, horse head bench now painted a rich, muddy mahogany colour.

Elsewhere downstairs I sourced a free, and in almost perfect condition piano off freecycle, and had some shelving built around it.

Moving into the hallway I had this amazing Tom Dixon copper sphere light installed, which creates a magical pool of shimmering light on the floorboards.

 The master bedroom painted in a plaster pink and off white.
The welsh blanket headboard - made by myself and my friend Gemma; owner of the pop-up boutique Nothing But Navy 


And above another upholstery project of mine; an armchair which previously looked like this one on the left. 

I upholstered the chair in hessian, and here it is next to my favourite table; the fluro pink piece of art!

 And so the fantastic copper bath is finally in situ, in the luxurious dark green bathroom.

Keeping elements of rustic style; the artwork, mirror and beautiful reclaimed tiles, also go perfectly with the bath.

The upstairs landing; I painted with a distressed, faded dark grey to blue effect and finished with a gold trim. Luxurious and unusual.

And into the children's bedroom painted in vintage, playful colours.

My final piece of upholstery; a second armchair, next to a little desk which I covered with left overs of the bathroom wallpaper as seen further below...

So there it is, the finished farmhouse; a mixture of fun, bright, glamour, circus and vintage, all creating a warm and lovely home.

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